Unimarck Healthcare Limited presents an extensive range of branded formulations, in compliance with international and national regulations, that caters to diverse therapeutic segments.

Unimarck Healthcare Limited is uniquely placed in our industry. We are recognized as one of the pioneer in seeking cutting edge technologies and world-class quality. We are a fully integrated pharmaceutical business capable of developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing products on its own, we also recognize the value of collaboration.

By leveraging our combined assets, expertise and capabilities, we can lower costs, increase productivity and, ultimately, produce a medicine that helps patients.

Unimarck Healthcare Limited takes a strategic approach to business development activities, ensuring that the expectations of our partners are aligned with our own. Unimarck Healthcare Limited offers its partners strong R & D and commercial resources as well as the experience needed to guide products through the regulatory process.

However, building a next generation pharmaceutical company requires new technologies, new ideas, new products and new insights. These can be found anywhere and everywhere in the world.

If you have innovations or ideas that will help transform our industry we want to hear from you. We invite academic institutions and pharmaceutical or biotech companies that share our goal of helping to address unmet medical needs to contact us with proposals.

We also serve many leading Pharma companies successfully as their manufacturer since decades like: