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    Triphala 1000mg + Aloe vera 300mg + Sendha namak 10mg + Peepal 50mg + Long 50mg + Jeera 50mg/10ml (1000ml)

Mechanism of Action:The 3 main ingredients in Triphala Juice are derived from Indian fruits-amla, baheda and harada. The word ""Triphala" means “three fruits,” indicated that Triphala Juice is composed of 3 ingredients, each of which comes from a specific Indian fruit. Amla contains a great deal of Vitamin C, and it increases gastric emptying, treats anemia and hyper acidity and minimizes hemorrhaging. Baheda contains a high quantity of vitamins A, and it is said to treat coughs, eye problems and intestinal difficulties. Harada is a more general herb and is used to heal the brain and heart and to promote longevity. Because Triphala juice is a combination of these 3 ingredients, it is said to contain the stenebof all of them. Vata regulates the nervous system; pitta maintains a steady metabolism; and kapha controls the body's structure.

Product description:
  • Diabetes - Asthma - Ulcer - Arthritis - Obesity - High Blood Pressure - Increased Cholesterol - Cardiac & Skin Disease

Dosage: 30 ml. preferably twice on empty stomach in the morning and evening.